Matter Of – Rollwagen

Matter Of Rollwagen is a multipurpose furniture. It is a movable storage container, a stool, a tray, and combined it works as a bank or presentation shelf. It is built with a focus on minimal waste and utilization of material and uses recycled foam and b-stock boxes by Auer Packaging.
Note: Standart color for boxes is black. Matter Of Rollwagen is also customizable. It can be equiped with different colored boxes and cushions and can be printed on. Please contact us for further information:

Wood: Spruce
Rails: Aluminum
Rolls: Metal & rubber
Cushion: Recycled foam
Handle: Thermoplast
Boxes: Polypropylene
33.6 × 41.8 × 58.5 cm

Developed and produced by Matter Of
Made in Germany
Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.


Includes 19% VAT

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