It’s a Matter Of Coffee

It’s a Matter Of Coffee! Kickstart your brain with this dark roasted coffee with a chocolaty, nutty taste and a slight hint of caramel and citrus.

This coffee is produced by Schwarzmahler, a small local producer from our neighborhood. At least 80% of their coffee comes from direct trade from South and Central America. Through direct trade coffee cultivation becomes lucrative again in the growing country, democratic structures are promoted and quality of life and standard of living increased. It means that the green coffee is purchased directly from the producer without the detour through several intermediaries. Schwarzmahler tries to produce a sustainable, high-quality and in every respect fair coffee.

Whole Beans
Country of origin/region: Finca Esmeralda (Honduras), Pacha Mama (Peru)
100/100 Arabica (Caturra, Catuai, Icatú, Parainema and Obata)
Roasted and packed in Germany


Includes 7% Tax

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