lointain Issue 3 – Geschichtszeichen

Magazine for philosophy.

“lointain” stands for the question of how philosophy is characterized as a form of thinking – as a critical work of thinking about itself. The name expresses the fact that this question has always referred us to a thought that has been negotiated many times in the philosophical tradition and yet has lost nothing of its topicality: to what extent real proximity – in the sense of an adequate understanding of ourselves and the possibility of knowledge in general – is possible only in the return from the radically different, an irrevocable distance.

With contributions by Julia Wentzlaff-Eggebert, Simon Godart, Daniel Bella, Matter Of, Marcus Döller and interviews with Judith Kasper and Joseph Vogl

Comes with double sided A2 companion Poster to our contribution “Philosophical Figurations of Time”

16 × 23 cm
96 pages


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