Georg Lutz & Matter Of – Intrusion

The publication “Intrusion”, which is a collaboration between Matter Of and the artist Georg Lutz, traces the entanglement of migration in cartographies. The project juxtaposes Google Streetview screenshots of the northern French city of Calais, taken between 2014 and 2018, with their updated 2019 versions, each on a double-page spread. The 2014–2018 images show numerous refugees, tents and camps. After Google’s 2019 update, no people are visible; rather, newly erected martial border fences are now visible. Whether the removal of the traces of the crisis from the internet was politically motivated or just part of a standardized update process remains unanswered, even after an inquiry to Google.

In his text, which experimentally orients itself on the graphic layout of the images, Marian Rupp (Matter Of) addresses the problem that the way in which we map has an impact on who or what is included or excluded. In five proposals he discusses the possibilities of a responsible cartographic practice.

Thread-sewn booklet with cardboard dustjacket
Digital print
Numbered edition of 150
20 × 29 × 0.5 cm
24 pages
Designed by Matter Of
Published by Edition Taube


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